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.Terms and Conditions

All Alterations must be performed by a reputable suiting tailor.

Shane Ave will cover costs up to $80 for alterations deemed necessary to ensure a suitable fit.

All costs for alterations requested by the customer that are deemed not necessary for a suitable fit or that deter from the original order will be paid for by the customer

Shane Ave – A Journey to Freedom of Expression

Suits, pants, vests and shirts are a staple in all queer wardrobes, yet the resources for Lesbians, Transmen and Non-Binary persons to buy a suit or shirt that actually fits and feels amazing are almost non - existent. 
We recognise that formal fashion in general terms is very gender specific and often doesn’t allow the freedom of expressing one’s own identity. Lesbians, Transmen and Non-Binary are left out in the market place. They have nowhere to go that allows them to feel confident and comfortable to purchase their chosen formal attire.
Shane Ave was born out of a need to provide formal fashion that blurs traditional lines of gender divisions. There has been a very big hole in the market for too long. 
Founder, Deb Saywell, recognised the hole in the market and set out to fill it with a brand and company that allows all queers to feel confident, validated and understood. 
We want everyone to feel safe to take a journey down Shane Ave in the knowledge that this is your journey, your style and your opportunity to be free to validate and affirm your own identity with confidence and freedom.
Deb is passionate about giving everybody the opportunity to feel empowered, confident and comfortable when they walk out the door.
The freedom to create your own unique Shane Ave Masterpiece awaits you!

Founder and Director

of Shane Ave

A custom made suit should be a masterpiece.
Our sole purpose is to provide you with a Shane Ave Masterpiece that will take pride and place in your wardrobe.